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Sparkling Wine Made the Natural Way Is ‘Brunch in a Glass’


ALTERNET.ORG – Summer is ending, and rosé is so last season. But if you’re still craving something cold and bubbly, Marissa A. Ross, wine editor of Bon Appétit magazine, is here to help. In the fourth episode of Drink Sustainably, a video series produced by eco-friendly clothing …

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5 Syrahs To Try From Washington State


THE SPECTRUM – If I mention syrah to most oenophiles, the natural reaction is to think of the Rhone Valley in France. Perhaps there might be a nod to Australia and its shiraz. Those two locations have dominated the …

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More Wine In The News

Growing Grapes, Saving Lives in Cleveland’s Tough East Side


THE SEATTLE TIMES (AP) – Rows of red and white grapes climb trellises surrounded by a crumbling brick building, an empty corner store and graffiti-covered apartments. The man who planted the vineyard says his plan for the lot once occupied by a crack house goes far beyond bottling wine. Mansfield Frazier wants to show there’s …

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Woodworker Works Wonders with Wine Barrels & Crates


WASHINGTON TIMES (AP) – Live Oak Wine Decor in Millstadt is what it sounds like: Owner Dave Chaput takes used wine barrels and wooden shipping crates and makes them into decorative and functional items. It’s a pretty wide array of items, ranging from bar stools, tables and Lazy Susans to hot pads made of wine …

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Washington’s Cooler Nights Boost Flavor of Wines


WSU NEWS – A little-known secret of many great-tasting wines made in Washington state is literally the difference between night and day. Called the diurnal shift, it marks the difference between the highest daytime temperature and the lowest temperature at night. This high-low variance can have a big impact on vineyard grapes during summer months. …

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