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Sonoma’s Patz & Hall sold to Washington’s Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

NORTHBAYBUSINESSJOURNAL.COM – Patz & Hall, a Sonoma-based noted maker of single-vineyard chardonnay and pinot noir wines, has been acquired by Washington-based Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, the nation’s third-largest wine company. The sale includes the wine inventory and interests in the winemaking facility and Sonoma House visitor center on Eighth Street East south of Sonoma, it …

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Local Producer Cleans House in Awards

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 6.47.29 AM

  (Editor’s Note:  All of us here at Northwest Wine Night TV and Northwest Wine Night Radio are extremely proud of the recent accomplishments of Heritage Distilling Company of Gig Harbor, Washington.  Heritage is a longtime advertiser with our programming, and their recent sweep of major awards cannot be overlooked.  Congratulations Justin and Jennifer!)   …

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Insider Secrets to Pairing Wine with Food


VINEPAIR.COM – When it comes to pairing wine with food, it can seem like an intricate choreography, where each flavor component has a precise accompaniment. In other words, it’s overwhelming. Anytime something becomes that intricate, the immediate effect is that it becomes stressful, rather than enjoyable. A good pairing is meant to be pleasurable, so it’s …

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BYO Made Easier


  CHICAGOTRIBUNE.COM – Few three-letter abbreviations besides DIY and IMO are more USA than BYO. That’s “bring your own” bottle(s) for those of you who are in not ITK. That’s “in the know” for those of you who are not UOYA. That’s “up on your acronyms.” It’s 2016 — everyone knows what DIY and IMO …

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Does Red Wine Make You Sleepier Than White?


VINEPAIR.COM – You’ve been at that party where someone says, “Oh, no red wine for me. It makes me so sleepy.” OK, straight Scotch for you then… Seriously, though, is there any truth to that? Does red wine—especially as opposed to white wine—make us sleepier? According to Macello Iriti, Ph.D. of Plant Science at Milan …

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