Wine In The News

Tips for picking the best wine, spirit for your budget


SUMMITDAILY.COM – Whether you plan to spend the holidays at home or at a restaurant, finding the right beverage to pair with your meal — and budget — can often be an intimidating process. It might seem as though prices attached to things such as wine and liquor are a bit arbitrary, especially for similar …

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What Are Red Blends, Really?

Red wine in wineglass on  black background

FOODANDWINE.COM – Everywhere from high-end wine shops to supermarkets, red blends are suddenly white-hot. But what are 
they, exactly? F&W’s Ray Isle delves into the blending trend.  Here’s a question that may not have occurred 
to you before: When is a wine like a burrito? The answer, as I recently discovered, becomes clear when you’re …

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Most Hotly Anticipated Wine Spot Portland’s Seen in Years


WWEEK.COM – As a wine bar, new Northeast Killingsworth spot Dame is a pretty good restaurant. And as a restaurant, it’s one hell of a bar. There seems to be some public disagreement about which one it is—the owners say it’s a restaurant with a bar, while a recent newspaper review cheerily informed them it’s …

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Millennials resurrecting whiskey and wine


MAPLEVALLEYREPORTER.COM – Last month while touring Ireland, our guide proudly pointed out Irish whiskey is making a strong comeback and thanked us, Americans, for our hefty contribution to their sales and shipments. Irish whiskey, even though its volumes are less than scotch and bourbon, is the world’s fastest growing major spirit. Production shot up by …

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