Pinot Noir

Northwest Wine Night TV – “Manly Men & Lady Wines” (ep153) 10.12.16

Episode 153: Do you know the difference between a “boy” and a “girl” wine?  Technically, the terms are “masculine” and “feminine,” and the stars have a field day trying to tell the difference as we drink Pinot Noir.  Our resident winemaker finally sets us straight, but not before some of the funniest…and most awkward…moments on …

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Northwest Wine Night TV – “Wine-ing For Mom” (ep140) – 5.4.16

Episode 140: Alright all you mothers, this ones for you!  We wish moms everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day with some wine, some laughs, and a tribute to some of our favorite moms.  And believe it or not, there’s a Mary Tyler Moore connection.  And Sandra explains life in the barnyard.  And Corwin dances.  See?  We …

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Battle Of The Sexes – (Ep117) Oct 22 2015

Episode 117: It’s on!  The gentlemen take on the ladies in this season’s first Battle of the Sexes, and this battle is going to be delicious.  We’re tasting two really wonderful bottles of Pinot Noir on this episode, and before the evening is through, get treated to an Al Pacino impersonation that left the audience …

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