Red Blend

Very Sexy Wine – Episode 51

EPISODE 51 It’s the category that is nearly impossible to have a rulebook for.  After all, each winemaker handles their Red Blend in their own unique way.   We have two more tonight, and these particular wines prompt a historic moment on the show.  Oh yeah, then there’s the moment we declare one of the …

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El Vino es Delicioso – Episode 48

EPISODE 48 We always make a pretty big deal when we do something for the first time here on Northwest Wine Night.  After all, we like keeping things fresh while constantly looking for ways to help you discover the wonderful wines made in the region.  On tonight’s episode, we explore “Spanish Style Wine”  in the …

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The Christmas Show – Episode 46

EPISODE 46 We sincerely want to thank you for watching, and wish you and your family a very nice holiday.  That being said: Welcome to our Christmas Show! And we promise all the shenanigans and drama of a family holiday gathering this week, hahaha!  Oh, and did we mention the wine?  To celebrate the holiday …

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