Turkey With A Side of Carlton – (Ep122) Nov 26

Episode 122: We’re setting the table for what we hope will be an unforgettable Thanksgiving episode of our little wine show.   We chose to taste Viognier, because it’s one of the wines that goes really well with your holiday bird.   And what’s a holiday gathering without dancing and broken lights?!  It happens, when …

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Best. Concert. Ever. – Episode 76

EPISODE 76 Just as you were beginning to think “There’s no way that panel on Northwest Wine Night can surprise me,” hold on to your seats.  This episode, like every other episode we produce, starts innocently enough.  Brian introduces that the panel will be tasting Viognier.   Well, that’s when the French accents suddenly come out, …

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Hail To The Chieftess – Episode 59

EPISODE 59 The vino is blanco at our little wine party tonight!  We are tasting to really good bottles of Viognier on this episode of Northwest Wine Night.  And not to bury the lead, but we are visited by true wine royalty tonight.  One of our panelists is known throughout her kingdom as “Madame President,” …

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