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Northwest Wine Night TV – “Pouring for St. Patty’s” (ep169) 3.15.17

Episode 169: Oh yes, we’re shamrocks and sheleighleighs galore this week as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with two bottles of delicious Northwest-made Sangiovese.   But we also spend a little time practicing our Italian accents.  We’re sure you’ll agree that we should probably practice…and drink…some more! So, grab a glass of wine, and if you’re …

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Northwest Wine Night TV – “Emoji Enology 101” (ep168) 3.08.17

Episode 168: Don’t let the fancy word in this episode’s title fool you, we’re certainly not going to get technical tonight.  But it is fun when we challenge the stars to describe their wines as those funny little faces we use on our smart phones.  It’s another fun wine party full of laughs, and of …

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Northwest Wine Night TV – “I Will Always Love Wine” (ep.163) 2.01.17

Episode 163: Our Valentines gift to you comes in the form of some delicious Cabernet Sauvignon, and Brittney’s mom!  Our intrepid Senior Producer had to step in when a regularly scheduled panelist didn’t show up.  She also books our audience, which this week includes her mom.  So, imagine the applause she got from dear old …

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