Radio Ep. 60 – Aired 1/31-2/1


We’re taking the show on the road this week.

Destination: Washington’s Kitsap Peninsula.

First stop, the home of Bill Wachtler (pictured in photo).  His Wachtler Winery is one of the smaller operations in the Northwest.  And his story is very inspirational to the person who wants to make wine…just not a ton of it.  He also shares advice on how to get started making your own wine!

Next stop, Bremerton, home of Silvery City Brewery.  Our good friend Gary Winn joins us to talk about his career as a brewer.  And the conversation really gets fun as he talks about his home brewing experiences.  Again, good info if you’re considering making your own beer.

Since we now have advice on making wine and beer, let’s stop at Heritage Distilling Company in Gig Harbor to complete the trifecta.  Justin Stiefel joins us to explain why making your own liquor isn’t a good idea, unless you do it his way.

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