NW Wine Night Radio Ep 32


Do you know the name of the very first winery in Vancouver, Washington?  Now you do!  Andee Mowery of English Estate Winery joins us to talk wine and history.  The lesson will be as much fun as the wine!

Talk about the perfect pairing!  In this episode, you’ll meet Lori and Tim Kennedy (pictured above) of Don Carlo Vineyard of Milton-Freewater, Oregon., just south of Walla Walla.  And if Tim’s name dfoesn’t ring a bell, go get a bag of chips.  Tim is the founder of Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips…and yes, they pair chips with their wines!

What do you do when the wine just doesn’t come out as planned?  You make sangria out of it!  At least, that’s what Enso Urban Winery of Portland did!  Paige Glowacky tells the story of the mistake that they now create on purpose….Portland Sangria by the pouch is now their top seller!

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