NW Wine Night Radio Ep 17


We didn’t have enough time with them last week, so Paco Joyce and Ishan Dillon of Seattle Distilling Company are back.  You remember?  The guys who met because of their kids?  They have a very small and unique operation that’s turning heads on Vashon Island and beyond.

Wine maker Greg Fries (pictured above, seated) of Desert Wind Winery joins us.  His family is also beyond Duck Pond wines of Oregon, and Greg tells a really cool story about using the diversity of the northwest growing region to his advantage.

And hold on to your wine glass, the BIGGEST wine event in the state of Washington is coming.  Taste Washington is March 29th and 30th and our good friend Steve Warner (pictured above, standing right), president of the Washington Wine Commission and Kauilani Robinson (pictured above, standing left) of Visit Seattle stop by for a preview!

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