Hail To The Chieftess – Episode 59


The vino is blanco at our little wine party tonight!  We are tasting to really good bottles of Viognier on this episode of Northwest Wine Night.  And not to bury the lead, but we are visited by true wine royalty tonight.  One of our panelists is known throughout her kingdom as “Madame President,” and we have a lot of fun with this tonight!  The wine was delicious, and so were this episode’s Twitter hash tags:

#Viognier  #MadamePresident  #MadameLush       — Use these as you tweet about @NWWineNight

WINE FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE:  To make it easier for you to follow along and make a few notes, we’re going to tell you something the panelists NEVER know until they pick their favorites…the names of the wines, and which is number one, and which is number two…


1.———–2012 Viognier, William Church Winery, Woodinville WA

2.———-2012 Viognier, Maryhill Winery, Goldendale WA


PANELISTS:  We’re joined this time by regular favorite Marina Rockinger of Star 101.5 in Seattle.  Also at the table this evening:  Kristi Waite of SeattleRefined.com, Sandra Lee of Woodinville Wine Country, and winemaker John Bigelow, owner of JM Cellars.

FILMING LOCATION:  We’re up on the hill overlooking Woodinville Wine Country.  It’s hard to decide the most beautiful place on this property…is it the indoor setting, or the fabulous outdoor spaces?  Either way, JM Cellars is a must see on your next trip to Woodinville.

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