Northwest Wine Night TV – “You Should Be Dancing” (ep157) encore

Episode 157:

Isn’t it amazing how you have just a little wine, and you can do almost anything?  A glass here, a glass there, and suddenly you’re a dancer.  Now, you’re a singer.  Yes, it happened on this episode, and it was sure fun to watch.  It’s simply amazing what a good Syrah can do.

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Tonight’s Wine:  Syrah



Remember, this is a blind-tasting, so if you don’t want to know the wines featured on the show, stop reading here!

After the show, come back & see the names of both the “Wine Orange” &  the “Wine Blue” tasted on this episode.




This Episode’s Wine:

ORANGE:  2012 Syrah – Reininger Winery, Walla Walla, WA

BLUE:  2012 Syrah – Griffin Creek (Willamette Valley Vineyard), Turner, OR



Host Brian Calvert (KOMO News by day) invites his friends from the local media and wine community to come and taste the delicious wines of the Pacific Northwest.  On this episode, Brian is joined by…

Cayle Thompson of KOMO 4 News

Corwin Haeck of KOMO Radio

Sandra Lee, Madame President of Woodinville Wine Country

Andrew Januik of Novelty Hill Januik



Filming Location and Catering:  Novelty Hill Januik in Woodinville Wine Country

Filming Sponsor:  Woodinville Wine Country



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