Northwest Wine Night TV – “Rosé + Hot Chicks = Fun!” (ep 180)

It what may be our most controversial episode yet, we compare our delicious bottles of Rosé to Hollywood hunks.  But the antics don’t end there, as one of our stars shares the story of being married to Ryan Gosling!  Well, actually, she’s married to a guy who THINKS he’s Ryan Gosling.  Watch and judge for yourself, but don’t be too critical, after all, the wine is really good.

Northwest Wine Night TV is a weekly blind tasting of wine made in the Pacific Northwest.  Our panel of local media celebrities taste, talk about, and play a game with their wine before picking a favorite.  Once they’ve done that, we reveal the names of both wines, hoping you’ll try them yourself and support our local winemakers.

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Tonight’s Wine:  Rosé


Remember, this is a blind-tasting, so if you don’t want to know the wines featured on the show, stop reading here!

After the show, come back & see the names of both the “Wine Orange” &  the “Wine Blue” tasted on this episode.



This Episode’s Wine:

ORANGE:  2016 Rosé – Goose Ridge Vineyards, Benton City, WA (Woodinville tasting room)
BLUE:  2016 Rosé of Pinot Noir – Acrobat Winery, Eugene, OR


Host Brian Calvert (KOMO News by day) invites his friends from the local media and wine community to come and taste the delicious wines of the Pacific Northwest.  On this episode, Brian is joined by…

Denise Whitaker of Star KOMO TV

Corwin Haek of KOMO News Radio

Sandra Lee of Woodinville Wine Country

Kristi Waite of the Seattle Times


Northwest Wine Night TV Presenting Sponsor:

Woodinville Wine Country


Filming Location and Catering:

Novelty Hill Januik


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