(AUDIO) Episode 210 – “Wine History & Wine Block!”


(2018) This week, we take a trip to Idaho to visit with the winemaker behind one of that state’s most well-known wineries.  You’ll really enjoy getting to know more about Ste. Chapelle Winery, and the story of it’s second label!

We also get to know a couple of moms who have come up with a new product called “WineBlock,” designed to spare you the purple teeth of a night of wine.  And, we learn the story behind Washington’s Sumerian Brewing, and find out their brewer actually has a wine making background!

Join host Brian Calvert for all this, plus Master of Wine Bob Betz of Betz Family Winery stops by to answer our wine questions, Justin Stiefel of Heritage Distilling Company mixes-up our “Drink of the Week.”  The “Wine Moms” will have a wine recommendation, and Idaho Wine presents “Bites and Bottles,” a fun food pairing with wine, craft beer, and spirits featuring Chef Kathy Casey.

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