(VIDEO) Episode 30 – “I Fa-La-La Love Christmas”

Time to celebrate the season with some Northwest-made India Pale Ale (IPA) and a whole lot of holiday cheer!  All of our favorite Christmas characters are at the bar this week, as we take a sleigh ride with beer in hand (someone else is doing the driving, of course).  Need a fun holiday drinking game?  Take a sip every time we mention a character from the Christmas cartoons of your childhood!

Enjoy this edition of Northwest Bar Night as we taste two products, then play a game to better describe these great beverages.  And we do it all from the confines of “The Factory Luxe” at the Old Rainier Brewery!  Don’t forget to include our hashtags when you tweet about @NWBarNight:  #DrinkLocal  #Beer  #IPA  #MerryChristmas


This Episode’s Category:  India Pale Ale (IPA)

Remember, this is a blind tasting.  We only identify the drinks as “Green” and “Blue.”  Once the panel tastes the drinks and picks a favorite, we reveal what they’re drinking.

If you want to be surprised, STOP READING HERE and go watch the show!




Tonight’s Drinks:

GREEN    Postmark IPA – Postmark Brewing in Vancouver, BC
BLUE        Ring of Fire IPA – Narrows Brewing in Tacoma, Washington


Host Brian Calvert (KOMO News by day) enlists his friends in the media and beyond to sit at the bar and drink all these great, locally-made beverages.  Joining Brian at the bar this week:

Marina Rockinger of KOMO Radio, Seattle

Jeremy Grater of the Ear Goggles Podcast

Hanna Brooks Olsen, Seattle area writer

Lee Stoll of KOMO 4 News, Seattle


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Thursday, January 3rd, 2018





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