(AUDIO) Episode 217 – “Predictions for Harvest 2018”

(2018)  If the early predictions hold, the Northwest is in for another great wine grape harvest!  We check in with those keeping an eye on things in both Washington and Oregon and get their grape forecasts.  And then for those who enjoy craft beer, we have a hop prediction as well!

Next, we meet the family operation known as Calcagno Cellars Winery in Troutdale, and find our more about this unique operation along the Columbia River.  Then, it’s off to find our “inner-Scotsman” with the guys from Cadee’ Distillery on Whidbey Island.  Or as they like to say, “The Isle of Whidbey.”

Join host Brian Calvert for all this, plus Master of Wine Bob Betz of Betz Family Winery stops by to answer our wine questions, Justin Stiefel of Heritage Distilling Company mixes-up our “Drink of the Week,” and the “Wine Moms” will have a wine recommendation.

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