(AUDIO) Episode 218 – “Young Winemakers & Old Vines”

(2018)  Many winemakers, for lack of a better term, “get around.”  We mean that innocently enough, as often times you learn in one winery, grow in another, and blossom in yet another.  So goes the story of Caleb Foster, the young winemaker at J. Bookwalter Winery in Richland.

Next, we take you to southern Oregon, to the oldest Pinot Noir in the state.  Dyson Demara stops by to share the story of Hillcrest Vineyards, as well as the tale behind his newest project that began as a run-down car dealership.

Join host Brian Calvert for all this, plus Master of Wine Bob Betz of Betz Family Winery stops by to answer our wine questions, Justin Stiefel of Heritage Distilling Company mixes-up our “Drink of the Week,” and the “Wine Moms” will have a wine recommendation.

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