(AUDIO) Episode 219 – “The ‘Triple B’ of Hops”

(2018)  This week on the show, we give you an unforgettable tongue twister…and some really good beer!  We meet the guys behind Belfair brewing behemoth Bent Bine Brew Company (say that fast three times).

Then, we’re off to Walla Walla for a tale of a doctor and his wine.  While most of his colleagues are retiring and putting their life savings into wineries, this young doc is just starting his medical AND his wine career.  Marco de Santis stops by to share the triumphs and struggles of Radix Winery.

Join host Brian Calvert for all this, plus Master of Wine Bob Betz of Betz Family Winery stops by to answer our wine questions, Justin Stiefel of Heritage Distilling Company mixes-up our “Drink of the Week,” and the “Wine Moms” will have a wine recommendation.

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