(AUDIO) Episode 223 – Beer Newbie Celebrates Medal

(2018)  This week’s show is a “trifecta” in the adult beverage world, featuring stories of wine, beer, and spirits.

Not every brewer strikes gold in the first year.  Then again, the guys behind Yakima’s Single Hill Brewing aren’t just any brewers.  You’ll definitely enjoy the story of their beer, as well as their “good vibes” philosophy.  Speaking of first time victories, we meet the winemaker behind Oregon’s King Estate, and find out it’s his first job as a winemaker.  It’s amazing when you consider the accolades he’s won!

Then, we get a chance to sit down with the man behind Pacific Distillery of Woodinville, and learn a little about absinthe…and the correct way to sip it!

Join host Brian Calvert for all this, plus Master of Wine Bob Betz of Betz Family Winery stops by to answer our wine questions, Justin Stiefel of Heritage Distilling Company mixes-up our “Drink of the Week,” and the “Wine Moms” will have a wine recommendation.

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