Northwest Wine Night TV – “Pouring for St. Patty’s” (ep169) 3.15.17

Episode 169: Oh yes, we’re shamrocks and sheleighleighs galore this week as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with two bottles of delicious Northwest-made Sangiovese.   But we also spend a little time practicing our Italian accents.  We’re sure you’ll agree that we should probably practice…and drink…some more! So, grab a glass of wine, and if you’re …

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Letting Our Hair Down (Ep120) Nov 5

Episode 120: We knew it was just going to be a matter of time before our new segment “Party Favors” was really going to pay-off.  And all it took was a little wine, and the category “Describe your wine as a hairstyle.”  Let the laughs begin as we taste and talk about two bottles of …

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