The Campaign Trail – Episode 66

EPISODE 66 In this episode, did we A: Taste some great Syrah, B: Marvel as a panelist announced they were running for office, or C: Laugh as Marina finally went off the deep end?  The answer is all three, and it sure was fun!  It’s amazing what a little wine can do, hahaha.  Seriously though, …

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Bacon Wine? – Episode 64

EPISODE 64 Well, that was close!  This episode begins innocently enough with a choke, followed by the hilarity you’d expect on the show.   Don’t worry, everyone is okay, except for the ruptured funny bones.  We originally cut the moment out of the show, but thought you could use a laugh…so enjoy this week’s outtakes!  Then …

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50 Shades of Red – Episode 42

EPISODE 42 There’s a term we use in this episode that we’ve used before; we just took it to new heights this time.  And it was easy to do with the two Syrahs we’re tasting.  Matter of fact, the name itself was a point of discussion.  Do you know the correct term for referring to …

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