Sparkling Wine

(VIDEO) Episode 235 – The Party Never Ends

(2019)  There’s been a long-running gag on this show involving one of our celebrity panelists, and on this wine night, the joke comes full circle. The party begins as most good parties should…with a couple of bottles of Northwest-made Sparkling Wine.  And then, the real party begins, complete with a couple of hilarious party fouls.  …

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(VIDEO) Episode 200 – “An Unforgettable Birthday Bash”

(2018)  We mark seven seasons of fun, laughs, and great wine with this 200th episode of the show!  And we celebrate in style with a couple of bottles of Northwest-made Sparkling Wine.   Speaking of bubbles, the party gets really fun when we start naming some of our favorite bubbles, and one of our stars gives …

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Be Mine – Episode 53

EPISODE 53 Well,  hello lovers!  We mark Valentine’s Day this year as a celebration of love.  And before you think we’re about to go all gooey on you, don’t worry:  We’re going to have a lot of fun with love tonight (watch for the “Kiss Cam.”  Anyway, when you celebrate, chance are you may reach …

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