Pinot Blanc

Northwest Wine Night TV – “I Beg Your Pinot?” (ep151) 9.28.16

Episode 151: Ever had a wine “hit” you in the mouth?  One of tonight’s stars made that comment, and the investigation into what that really means was a pretty fun adventure, lol!  We’re tasting Pinot Blanc on tonight’s show, and as usual, having a really fun time doing that…especially when we played our game and …

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Our First Time Around The Blanc – Episode 75

EPISODE 75 As we were filming this episode, Brian made the remark that while tonight’s variety hasn’t been on the show often, we had tasted it before.  Brian had obviously been drinking!  For the first time ever, the panel gets to try a couple of different bottles of Pinot Blanc — as in Pinot Noir …

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