Pale Ale

(VIDEO) Episode 45 – “Red Cards Against Humanity”

(2018)  Our attempt to play an actual card game at the bar is thwarted.  Then again, what would you expect from the gang at Northwest Bar Night??!! On this episode, as we drink two takes on delicious, Northwest-made Pale Ale, we comapre our beer to famous card games.  Of course, some prefer strip poker, others …

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(VIDEO) Episode 16 – “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Beer”

(2017)  So, what do to at the bar tonight?  We know…let’s taste some delicious, Northwest-made Pale Ale, and compare our beers to swimwear!  We’ve definitely gone off the deep end as our stars at the bar discuss swimwear, as well as wearing nothing at all…which could very well happen if you keep this up. Enjoy …

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(VIDEO) Episode 1 – “Series Premiere – Prepare For a Mouthful”

(2017)  The bar is open!  For our sixth season, we’ve given the show an update.  In addition to delicious local beer, you’ll now find liquor and cider at our place.  And we kick off Northwest Bar Night with a real mouthful, lol!  We’re drinking Pale Ale for this episode, and having a really good time. …

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