Watch Northwest Bar Night

(VIDEO) Episode 02 – “Forests & Hairy Chests”

(2017)  We’ve done a lot of things on this show, but how in the world did Wolverine make his way into #BarNight?  Hairy chests came up!  Go ahead, ask how hairy chests came up?  Because we were talking about forests.  And the reason we were talking about forests, because tonight, we’re tasting Gin. So, enjoy …

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(VIDEO) Episode 1 – “Series Premiere – Prepare For a Mouthful”

(2017)  The bar is open!  For our sixth season, we’ve given the show an update.  In addition to delicious local beer, you’ll now find liquor and cider at our place.  And we kick off Northwest Bar Night with a real mouthful, lol!  We’re drinking Pale Ale for this episode, and having a really good time. …

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