(VIDEO) Episode 29 – “Doggy Style At The Bar”

We’re drinkin’ some Gin & Juice (actually it’s a Gin Rickey) on this week’s show, and Snoop Dogg is in the house.  Okay, he’s not really in the house, but he certainly does have a presence in our conversation at the bar.  As we enjoy two different Northwest-made Gins, we compare them to some of …

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(VIDEO) Episode 15 – “Blockbuster Booze & Magic Lassos”

(2017)  Have you seen all the summer blockbuster movies yet?  This episode may inspire you to hit your local theater AND a couple of really good bottles of Barrel-Aged Gin.  This is a unique spirit, and IN that unique spirit, we get our our magic lassos, shake our booty, and give you plenty to cheer …

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(VIDEO) Episode 02 – “Forests & Hairy Chests”

(2017)  We’ve done a lot of things on this show, but how in the world did Wolverine make his way into #BarNight?  Hairy chests came up!  Go ahead, ask how hairy chests came up?  Because we were talking about forests.  And the reason we were talking about forests, because tonight, we’re tasting Gin. So, enjoy …

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