(VIDEO) Episode 52 – When Rum Meets Match Game

(2019)  We bring back our favorite game show #MatchGame for this week’s show, with a question that has the audience rolling before host Brian Calvert ever finishes reading it. First and foremost, we’re tasting liquor tonight, as in two different takes on Northwest-made Silver Rum.  Now that the drink are flowing, we have to fill …

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(VIDEO) Episode 37 – “Pirates, Booty, & Beer”

(2018) Who can resist a little “pirate talk” when you’re enjoying delicious, Northwest-made Rum?  We certainly couldn’t!  We swab the deck of the bar with some really hearty laughs, and consider sending one of our stars to walk the plank.  This was such a fun episode, as we tried to find the differences in the …

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(VIDEO) Episode 12 – “Shiver Me Timbers & Blow Me Down”

(2017)  Hey!  Keeps your hands off my booty! Trust us, that’s pretty tame compared to what happened on this #BarNight.  We go all “pirate-y” on you as we drink some delicious, Northwest-made Rum.  So get ready, you scallywags, as we lift anchor and hoist the sails, setting a course for a fun time…and a lot …

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