(VIDEO) Episode 25 – “Ass-less Chaps & Ornery Bears”

(2017) Oh yes!  We brought out some delicious, Northwest-made Rye Whiskey, and were suddenly transported back to the Wild West.  Saddle-up to the bar, you city slicker, and prepare yourself, as our cowboys, cowgirls, and mama bears unleash another fun night out. Enjoy this edition of Northwest Bar Night as we taste two products, then …

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(VIDEO) Episode 20 – “Manly Men & Their Booze”

(2017)  We’re not messing around; We’re drinking some delicious, Northwest-made Bourbon, and we’re doing it straight!  Watch as the stars swallow, burn a little, and then really sizzle as we talk about how “manly” they feel.  It’s another fun Thursday night, and more importantly, you now have two new local bourbons to try! Enjoy this …

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(VIDEO) Episode 06 – “Show Me Smokey”

(2017)  So, you’re at the bar drinking some delicious Whiskey, when some lady at the bar tells you to take off your clothes.  In an effort to divert her attention, you show her “Smokey” instead.  Before you get any ideas, “Smokey” isn’t code for anything but a seductive look.  Now, get your mind out of …

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