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Northwest Wine Night – “Emoji Enology 101” (ep168) Encore

Episode 168: Don’t let the fancy word in this episode’s title fool you, we’re certainly not going to get technical tonight.  But it is fun when we challenge the stars to describe their wines as those funny little faces we use on our smart phones.  It’s another fun wine party full of laughs, and of …

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Northwest Wine Night – “Modern Family Meets Wine” (ep167) Encore

Episode 167: After years of being on the air, ABC’s “Modern Family” continues to be a big comedy hit.  On tonight’s show, we pay tribute to the cast, with wine of course!  And if that doesn’t get us into enough trouble, there’s always the moment of the show we call the “Dirty Swallow.”  We have …

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Northwest Wine Night TV – “The Yay In Viognier” (ep154) encore

Episode 154: Well here’s one we bet you haven’t heard!  One of the stars gets so excited about her Viognier, she coins a phrase that will forever by synonymous with this type of wine.  Then, make sure you have your dancing shoes on as we pay tribute to one of the original super groups…with wine, …

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