About The Show

New episodes of Northwest Wine Radio are released on Mondays during the show’s regular season — from September through June.



Northwest Wine Radio is a weekly, hour-long show…

…featuring the stories behind the bottle of some of your favorite, local producers.  Each week, we meet and get to know winemakers, craft brewers, distillers, and cider makers of the Pacific Northwest.


Host Brian Calvert and his team present a different kind of wine show: Light, fun, informal, yet informative and relevant to anyone who drinks local and supports local producers.  Again, this show celebrates an entire industry of producers who make fantastic products right here in our own backyard.


You can listen to Northwest Wine Radio on stations across the Northwest: Find A Station Near You.  And if the radio station in your town doesn’t yet carry the show, each episode is posted here at NorthwestWineRadio.com the Monday after it airs.




Meet Our Radio Crew!


az130905y-92The reason we tapped Brian Calvert to host Northwest Wine Radio is that he doesn’t know a lot about wine. He enjoys drinking it, but doesn’t get caught-up in the fancy terms. His easy-going interview style goes well with a glass of wine.

Brian has spent his entire 20+ year career in front of you. He’s a longtime local news broadcaster and personality who has most recently worked at stations in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

He’s a national award-winning storyteller, and is best known for his warm smile and personal touch when telling a story. These days, Brian can be heard weekday afternoons on KOMO in Seattle.


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And we’re very pleased and proud to have a fan and friend in Bob Betz!  As of our second season, Bob joins us weekly for his “Ask Bob” segment.  We get to ask him all kinds of questions about wine, and he gives us answers a wine drinker at any level can swallow!

Bob Betz is a Master of Wine, one of a few dozen people in this country to have that title bestowed.  He’s been making wine in Washington for decades, and is the founder for Betz Family Winery.




Also in the studio is Technical Director Brittney Perreault.  She keeps Brian on track from the other side of the glass!

Brittney is exploring wine like the rest of us, and really enjoys meeting the people who are part of the industry.  Brittney is a writer, and she’s also an artist.  Check out her work at: InfiniteB.com





Drew Mayer is our show director, helping to keep things moving and prepping guests for the show.

In addition to Northwest Wine Radio, Drew is also the director of Northwest Wine Night, where he’s responsible for everything from our guests stars to yelling “action” as we get ready to film!