Be A Guest/Advertise On The Show


Be A Guest On The Show

Whether you make wine, spirits, craft beer, or delicious cider, there’s a place at our table for you.


Think of this as your chance to talk one-on-one with someone who’s visiting your tasting room.  You likely tell them the story of how you got interested in what you do, and how you built your business.

Here on Northwest Wine Radio, we give you a platform to share the same story the same way.   It’s a chance to be personal and connect with our listeners across the region.

Come share your story with our listeners.  There’s never any charge to you, we simply ask that you join us in our studio on one of our upcoming taping dates.  If you’d like more information on being our guest, and our current taping schedule, reach out via our Contact Page.



Advertise On Our Show

Want to reach hundreds of thousands of people each week?   Advertise on our show and website!


So many people listen to Northwest Wine Radio every week, and they come from all walks of life.  But they all have two things in common:  They enjoy life, and they enjoy having fun!   You thought we were going to say they enjoy wine, but an interesting factoid about our show is even NON wine drinkers listen, because they enjoy the stories we share about local producers.

Our listeners come from all over the region.  From Anchorage to Portland, Seattle to Spokane, and many cities in between.   Your advertisement on our show and website will reach them all.

So how about it?  Want to reach a lot of people who love life and really love having fun?  Reach out to us through our Contact Page and let’s talk about how you can be a part of the Northwest Wine Radio experience.